Sponsor a TBA

Since our most recent trip, we have launched the Sponsor a Ttba-with-bagsBA (Traditional Birth Attendant) project and now have over 40 regular contributors.

Through this initiative donors sponsor a named individual TBA for £3.50 a month, (less than a decent cup of coffee). This donation provides the sponsored TBA with gloves, scissors, swabs, a rain mac, a torch and other important items to help them complete their invaluable work safely. Not only does this make their job more efficient and hygienic but it also gives them a tangible sense of self-worth and value.

You catba-and-babynnot over estimate how grateful these angels are for the advice and support we are providing them. Sponsors receive regular updates from their TBA about their lives and work. As our sponsorship numbers swell any additional funds will be used for maintaining and keeping the emergency transport.

We strive to continue to update the training we provide these ladies through face to face visits and through liaison with Illiasa clinic.
The TBAs regularly express how grateful they are for their sponsors’ support, and the chance to help their women deliver safely.

If you are interested in sponsoring a TBA, please click here and select a monthly donation of £3.50 (or more if you wish).

In addition please email us at sponsoratba@yahoo.co.uk to inform us which of the lovely ladies below you would like to sponsor so that you can receive regular updates: