Volunteering in The Gambia

Until now we have not been in a position to accept the generous offers from Westerners to volunteer in Jarjari as teachers and medical experts, as there has been nowhere suitable for them to stay in The North Bank of Gambia. So in 2016, the Elders of Jarjari Village donated another two acres of land next to the school where we have built the ‘Morgan Kunda Lodges’.

The accommodation has two purposes:

  • To house the education and medical volunteers willing to spend time teaching local Gambians.
  • To serve as a holiday destination for tourists wanting to experience everything on offer in Northern Gambia, including the incredible wildlife and nature reserve on the doorstep. This income will be reinvested in the school and maternity care of Northern Gambia.

To get in contact about volunteering in Jarjari, please email us on info@morganclarkfoundation.org.
You can read more about the Morgan Kunda Lodges on our Accommodating Holiday Makers page.